PHEV - Dash Modifications

I started the conversion by installing the CAN-view and monitor at the dash. I used Stereo Accessory Installation Guide by Chris Dragon to learn how to open the dash.

To make space for the touchscreen monitor, I removed the black storage tray and drilled-out the 4 pegs as explained by Cheap! at My official Prius Plus mods thread. To mount the monitor, I cut and drilled 2 short strips of 0.010" stainless. I attached the strips to the back of the monitor with 3/8"-long 4-40 screws to replace the 2 existing screws. This method is similar to how TheForce explained at My In-Dash Car PC project.

When put in place, the strips were sandwiched between the stereo bracket and the black plastic. The existing screws fit through the large holes in the strips. Each strip is briefly visible in these pictures in the small gap between the back corner of the monitor and the stereo bracket.

The panel that covers the area around and under the monitor needed modifications. First of all, the translucent door had to be removed by removing some screws and a spring. I then trimmed (using a Dremel and a knife) the bottom and sides of the rectangular opening to accomodate the height and width of the monitor. I also cut 2 slots in the top so that the top could flex while putting the panel into position.

The wiring for the monitor involved getting ground and switched power by tapping onto the nearby 12V socket. For unswitched power, I intended to tap onto a wire at the back of the stereo but, without completely thinking, I tapped the yellow wire at the back of the MFD.

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